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Shoot Your Way to Change in Change Heroes!

Political Artillery Shooting Game Now Available for iOS/Android


August 30, 2016, San Pedro City, Laguna – L3 Game Atelier, a newly-established indie game development studio based in Laguna, is proud to offer as its maiden offering: Change Heroes for iOS/Android.

Change Heroes is a vertical artillery shooting game, where you lead your allies alongside the president himself as he goes on a campaign to destroy the representations of the problems he has to solve during his presidency. Use a variety of characters, with their own forms of ammunition, and shoot your way to change!


  1. Seven diverse heroes with their own unique cannons and passive abilities
  2. Stages that show the different problems the presidency has to solve, filled with letters you must shoot to unlock your heroes and random objects you must wreck to earn coins at the shop
  3. A comical storyline, complete with wacky cutscenes



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The year 2016 has arrived.

The 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines has been elected.

He promises to eliminate the various problems the country has been suffering from over the past few years, on a platform of radical change.


A herd of freaking ugly buildings have sprung up in various parts of the country. They are populated by various criminals that represent the many problems the prez has to solve during his six-year term!

And even worse, those buildings cannot be dismantled by any means! Jackhammers, wrecking balls, and even pure brute human strength have no effect on these buildings!

Confusion has skyrocketed!

The Philippines is ruined!

Therefore, the president called on his most trusted sexy spokeswoman for the dismantling of the buildings.

She is a bombshell, in more ways than one.

Wipe out all of these pesky buildings!

However, somewhere in the Philippines, there is a secret project in progress! A project to transform those unholy buildings into the ultimate weapons!

With that unsettling development, there are other people who are voluntarily standing up to break the buildings down. They will ally with Miss Spokeswoman in her quest.


Release Data

Title: Change Heroes
Genre: Artillery shooting game

Platform: iOS/Android

Release date: August 30, 2016

App Store page:

Google Play page:

Official website:

Official Facebook page:

Official Twitter account: @L3GameAtelier



This game is a work of fiction. Although it integrates real-life persons, entities, and events, their representations and interpretations in the game are products of the developers’ imagination and are used in a fictitious manner for comedic and fantasy-oriented purposes. L3 Game Atelier does not promote this game as an accurate retelling of recent historical events nor as political propaganda.


About L3 Game Atelier
L3 Game Atelier is an indie game development studio based in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. Established in June 2016, the studio aims to make its apps and games go above and beyond the norm. More info about the studio can be found at