Call for Nominations for IGDA Manila Officers!

IGDA Manila needs a new set of leaders to step up and carry the torch!
We are calling for nominations for the 2016-2017 Board of Directors.

If you want to help the industry, then IGDA Manila will let you do just that. As part of the board, you will:
* help decide the direction of the board
* stand as an official representative
* organize and volunteer in various IGDA events
* other related IGDA official business

Directors are expected to be active and able to produce results.

But don’t let that last sentence scare you. I, personally have served the community for two years. While I’ll admit that things have been challenging, I always find reasons to push through. Don’t worry, the ground work has already been laid out. We just need people to have the passion and will to make the dream happen.

So… Will you be the champion IGDA Manila needs?

Qualifications of Nominees

  1. The nominee must be a member of the IGDA Manila Facebook Group
  2. The nominee must accumulate a total of five (5) qualification points (Attending a meetup/event = 1 point, gave a talk at an IGDA Manila organized meetup/event = 2 points, volunteered at an IGDA Manila organized meetup/event = 3 points)
  3. The nominee must have read the IGDA Manila’s Board Member Expectations document
  4. The nominee must have read the ByLaws of IGDA Manila and agree to be bound by its terms
  5. The nominee must already be an official IGDA International member, or should agree to sign up as soon as position is assumed


Interested individuals can learn more about the elections in the Election Policies Manual. The document contains everything that one needs to know about the elections, what to expect, and how it will go.
For any questions or comments and nominations, email us: with the subject line: “IGDA Manila Elections”

At your service,

Cherry Boase,
Elections Director