A Letter from the outgoing Chairman, Karlo Licudine


IGDA Manila has been a big part of my life. The community was one of the main reasons that gave me the courage to choose game development as a career. Seeing people try their best to make their dream game has inspired me to do the same.

Feeling grateful, I gave back to the community by being more active and eventually taking a leadership position as a member of the board and eventually as the chairman. Looking back, I am proud of what my team and I have achieved for the community over the past year.

While there are still a lot to be done I have decided to step down in order to focus my efforts on building my dream game over at the company I co-founded. It was a particularly difficult decision to make, something that I consider to be one of the most important I had to make in my life. But seeing trusted people step up to submit their names for leadership helped me with my decision. I became active in the community in the hopes of inspiring others to step up and do the same, and it seems that it worked.

Even though I’m stepping down as chairman rest assured that I won’t disappear completely. I will still remain active as much as I can by attending meetups and livening up the room by taking the mic. I also offered help to the new leadership by taking an advisory/consulting role in the hopes of guiding them in steering the organization.

My hope before I leave is that everyone would realize the true value of IGDA Manila. What it means, what it stands for, and what good it does to each member and to the industry as a whole. Only then will people understand why I gave a big chunk of my life giving back to the community and why others should do the same.

So thank you to everyone! And of course, thank you, IGDA Manila!