A Letter from the incoming Chairman, Bon Jorelle Domingo

I am feeling a great sense of gratitude towards the community that showed its utmost support and trust to what I can do as the newest Chairman of the IGDA Manila. As with the previous Chairman and the board members that came before us, together with the current board, we will strive for a community that can give its active support to game developers; but what does that exactly mean?

The Philippine Game Development Industry is at its infancy; by giving this industry the adequate support that it needs, we can, and will, develop an industry that would be beneficial not only to our community of game developers but to the whole country as well.

Support can come in various forms: promotions for games, introduction to the community, workshops for those who aspire to learn, and other supplemental activities that you need. We give that kind of support to you, fellow game developers, because that is what IGDA Manila should be and what IGDA Manila is. We take on this endeavor to improve the quality of the community for without it, IGDA Manila would not be worth its salt.

In the pastĀ four years of my career as a game developer, educator, and board member, I have learned the needs of our industry. From this, I have thought of ideas that may enhance how the games we create may promote better ways to advance learning, inspire creativity and innovation, and make new social connections in line with the core values of the mother organization.

We have an Academic Chapter, IGDA of the East, to pair up with us for academic concerns. Moving forward, most institutions that are active in their game development programs will be establishing their own academic chapters as well; and we want that to happen.

We will pursue excellence and build stronger connections with our global partners to ensure that we sustain a degree of quality in our work and make the Philippines well-known for its impressive games. We will be closely working with industries related to our discipline such as animation, sound engineering, and business administration to ensure that we will offer the best in every aspect of the industry. The game development community and IGDA Manila are ready to guide our industry to the kind it aims and desires to be; enriched, productive, and professional.

With humility and gratitude, I am honored to accept the chairmanship of the IGDA Manila. May our community grow in prosperity! I look forward to seeing all of you in all of our upcoming events!